Peak Paws – Dog Exercise

PeakPaws is now delivering outdoor exercise for you and your beloved pooch.

An added dimension to my enjoyment of sport, health and fitness includes my love of dogs. I strongly believe that owning and exercising dogs can boost your mood, aid positivity and support all aspects of your mental health.

Stuck for time to exercise yourself AND your furry friend? Why not combine the two and discover the great benefits and beautiful landscapes of outdoor exercise with your paw pounding pups?

Don’t want to combine the two? That’s ok – its not for everyone! We also offer an additional animal exercising service where we can look after and exercise your dog for you. With years of dog ownership and training experience, they will be in safe, loving hands. We know the best running trails for those happy trails…

Dog Fit Certified Trainer
Dogs exercising - Peak Fitness & Training, Nicola Butler [Pollard]

Please book via WhatsApp, Instagram, email or call 07733 025552

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